“This is in appreciation to you and all at Rye Radiology for the kindness and the caring way I was treated the past few days.
On Wednesday you met with me when I walked in to the front desk quite devastated with a lump. You comforted me and immediately scheduled an appointment for the afternoon . All the staff doing the 3 D imaging and sonograms were wonderful, and then I met with the kind, humble brilliant doctor who scheduled the biopsy the next day when she was not meant to be attending but I was blessed by the fact she rescheduled me early and came in to do the biopsy.  I was too overwhelmed to absorb all the possibilities, so she wrote them down for me … Dr. Amin did the same for me the next day when she wrote down the details of the needed Papilloma removal. And Kathleen was so kind, informative and sweet.
I want to thank you Denise. The tone of professionalism set by you, the doctors, staff and front desk is a model of medical practice not seen for the longest time. You made me feel like a person, not just a number and I thank you with deep appreciation.”
B.F.- Larchmont, Westchester County, NY

For everyone at Rye Radiology, especially Theresa, Michelle and Dr. LoRusso, many thanks, your kindness, empathy, reassuring words and gentle arm and back rubs really mean a lot. You go the extra mile for your patients and it is greatly appreciated.”
S.H. – Bronx, NYHi to the Staff at Rye Radiology,It is always such a great experience that your patients have when we come for our check- ups.
This morning lovely Renee greeted me with a big smile and helped me with my paperwork. What a positive experience for me.
Next my mammography with Eileen…so professional, warm and caring…it was amazing the way she treated me – and no pain at all… a first for me!
Adorable Kathleen conducted my ultrasound in a loving way…she was great as well.
So, A+++++++ for my experience today. Life is so much about how we treat each other…these three certainly lead their lives with integrity.
Then there are three terrific doctors.”
M.T. – Bronxville, Westchester County, NY“Dear Dr. LoRusso,
I had my first mammogram twenty years ago at Rye Radiology. I have had over twenty mammograms since, always at Rye Radiology. I have always felt comfortable and confident that I was in the best of hands.
When you started Rye Radiology, I wonder if you could have ever envisioned how many people you would be helping to get through, for some, the most difficult time of their lives.
I have always appreciated the skill and care that went into all that you do, but I have a greater understanding of how much that it means to so many and what it has meant for me.
Thank you for always being there.
With Love,”
E.M. (had a cancer found on 3D mammography)


“There are mammographies and then there is Rye Radiology. They are so competent, caring, and concerned with patient care, that they put all other practices to shame. You are diagnosed by the latest equipment and then personally seen by the radiologist who has read your mammogram. The doctors have been doing this for years and experience truly counts. I was very lucky that my breast cancer was discovered by a routine mammogram and then confirmed by a sonogram. Because it was caught so early, I have completely recovered. Rye Radiology is the best!”
ATB – Ardsley, Westchester County, NY


“I have been a patient of Rye Radiology Associates and Dr. Diane LoRusso since 1983. During the past 27 years, I have come to encounter not only Dr. Diane LoRusso but also other physicians at the facility, along with a staff of technicians and office workers, all of who show care, concern and courtesy to patients as a first priority. I would like to site a personal experience I had which in my opinion shows the expert competence in the ongoing updating of radiology machinery, the technicians and the diagnosing physicians.

In 1994, during a routine mammogram I was diagnosed by Dr. Diane LoRusso with early stage breast cancer and was advised to see a breast surgeon. Two days later, I was seen at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center by the Chief of Breast Surgery and the diagnosis was not only confirmed but Rye Radiology Associates was verbally commended as the facility that was able to recognize my personal situation before it became untreatable. As a result, to date, I am enjoying good health. I always have and will continue preventative care at Rye Radiology Associates, bringing family and friends to this very capable and caring group of people known as Rye Radiology Associates.”
LS – New Rochelle, Westchester County, NY


“I have been a patient at Rye Radiology since September 1990. The staff and doctors are caring, efficient and professional. I have breast cancer in my family and I am very diligent in my appointments for mammograms and ultrasounds. Dr. LoRusso found a very small tumor in my right breast and insisted that it be biopsied. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. I also had a few biopsies at Rye Radiology and am now cancer free for 8 years. I would never go anywhere else except to Rye Radiology and Dr. LoRusso.”
PB-Harrison, Westchester County, NY


“To: Dr. Calamari and Lyubov (technologist),

Words cannot express how thankful I am to the two of you. Although this experience was scary and worrisome, both of you and your entire staff-made me feel at ease. My husband and I were brought to tears and yet no matter what the results were going to be, we knew I would be ok in your hands. Some people can touch others’ lives and make such an impression with their genuineness and kind hearts, you each are one of those people. I thank God everyday for people like you, on this earth to sincerely help others. Again thank you so much for your honest and gentle care. I will recommend you and Rye Radiology to all my friends.”
TA-Tuckahoe, Westchester County, NY

“Dear Dr. Calamari and Dr. LoRusso,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent care, professionalism and compassion which you and the Rye Radiology healthcare staff have shown year after year!

It is very reassuring, especially for anxious patients, to see many of the same Rye Radiology team at each visit to assist with procedures and extend a genuine level of personalized attention.  This has been my experience for the past 27 years.

It is important for new patients to appreciate that loyalty to your practice comes easily for such a caring group of medical professionals.”

Marlene S.-Westchester NY