MRI Guided Biopsy
MRI is highly sensitive for detecting invasive breast cancers as well as early stage in-situ ductal cancers. MRI of the breast is used as a screening tool for high-risk patients and those with a strong family history of breast cancer. MRI breast biopsy uses computer technology to guide a core needle to a breast abnormality seen on MRI only – an abnormality that cannot be felt on physical examination nor seen by mammogram or ultrasound of the breast.


What to Expect:
The procedure is simple, safe and requires little recovery time with minimal scarring to the breast. Local anesthesia is given to the skin and deeper breast tissue. After the anesthesia, a small incision is made to introduce the sampling needle. Using a gentle vacuuming technique, the radiologist removes tissue samples, which are sent for evaluation by the pathologist.
After the procedure is completed, stitches are not necessary. Steri-strips are placed on the tiny skin incision and after care instructions are given to the patient. The patient will then return to our office the next day for the physician to check the biopsy site and discuss the results.


How to Prepare:
MRI guided breast biopsy is minimally invasive and a safe procedure. There is a small risk of bleeding with any type of biopsy. For this reason, if you are taking aspirin or other blood thinners, we ask that you stop taking them seven days before the procedure with your doctor’s approval. Please inform our staff if you have any history of bleeding problems or are taking blood thinners.


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