Breast Health Videos with Dr. LoRusso, Dr. Calamari and The Cancer Support Team

11/04/2020 | No Comments

Dr. LoRusso and Dr. Calamari worked on a series of breast health videos with the Cancer Support Team, a local group that does incredible work with cancer patients.

Video #1: Rye Radiology and CST above and atĀ  https://vimeo.com/443054498

Video #2: Are you getting the Right Mammogram? https://vimeo.com/444946832

Video #3: Dense Breast Tissue and Ultrasound https://vimeo.com/447533459

Video #4: Mammograms – When to Start https://vimeo.com/451876525

Video #5: Breast MRI https://vimeo.com/463522026

Video #6: Maintaining Breast Health https://vimeo.com/465865337

Video #7: Something Suspicious https://vimeo.com/468211020

Video #8: Your own Breast Health – How to be Pro-Active https://vimeo.com/472243576


Cancer Support Team is the only Westchester-based nonprofit home care program, licensed by the New York State Department of Health, providing professional nursing education and support, social work counseling, case management and other cancer-related services to patients and family members living in southern Westchester. Cancer Support Team services are delivered free of charge and without regard to insurance coverage and at any stage of the illness.