PACS system

PACS system

Our PACS system allows physicians to view patients’ images and read patients’ reports online.
We will be happy to guide you through the brief process of securing a password to access our PACS. Please contact Cathy Palumbo, Records Department, at  914-253-9200 for assistance with PACS.

Physicians who have a username and password can access the PACS at via Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge*.
*Should your version of Internet Explorer not allow you to open the PACS website follow these steps:
After you have entered your User ID and password at the PACS login screen, go to “Tools” on the Internet Explorer toolbar, scroll down to select “Compatibility View” and click on it. Additionally, if you go to Compatibility Settings the IP address of PACS will appear.

To access the PACS website  in Microsoft Edge:

  • Go to the ellipsis (the three dots on the upper right-hand corner) and scroll down to settings
  • Click settings and on the left side of the page scroll down to “Default Browser”
  • On the right side of the page under “Internet Explorer Compatibility” click “Incompatible sites only (recommended)
  • In the next box “Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode”, be sure the box says “Allow”
  • Under “Internet Explorer mode pages” click add and add
  • Open up a new tab in Edge, enter
  • A pop up will appear that says “Open in Internet Explorer mode next time”: click the toggle and say done.
  • Should you get a page that says “The connection for this site is not secure” go to settings and click on “Reload in Explorer Mode”
  • If you go to now, it should say “Exit Internet Explorer”

Should you have any questions please contact Cathy Palumbo, Records Department, at  914-253-9200.