New Research on 3D Mammography

03/28/2013 | No Comments

The best part of living a long and healthy life is spending time with those you love. Millions of women schedule their annual breast cancer screenings for this very reason. So when a new technology comes along that improves upon traditional mammograms, we think women and their loved ones ought to pay attention. In the last few months, new research on the benefits of 3D mammography has repeatedly confirmed what we already knew: This technology is revolutionizing breast cancer detection. Researchers in Norway recently found that adding 3D mammography to a traditional breast exam results in a 40 percent increase in the detection of invasive breast cancers.These results are truly amazing, and the media has started to take notice:

  • 3D Imaging Boosts Breast Cancer Detection
  • Study: 3D/2D-screening combo increases breast cancer detection

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