Breast, Body and Vascular Ultrasound

Ultrasound (also known as Sonogram) is a non-invasive imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves to look at organs and structures within the body. With no radiation exposure, it is a safe, effective way to view internal organs and to assess blood flow.
Parts of the body that can be examined using ultrasound are breast, thyroid, abdomen, bladder, uterus, ovaries, prostate, scrotum, arteries and veins. During the procedure the patient is positioned on the examination table and a warm gel is applied to the area being examined.
A transducer is then pressed against the skin and swept back and forth to obtain the image.


How to Prepare for your Ultrasound:

Certain preparation procedures may be required for various ultrasound studies.


The patient must drink five 8-ounce glasses of water starting two hours before and finishing one hour before the scheduled appointment with no voiding.



  • Have regular lunch the day before exam. After lunch, take 125mg of Mylanta gas tablets.
  • Have a low fat supper the evening before followed by 125mg of Mylanta gas tablets.
  • You may drink water until bedtime.
  • At bedtime take 125mg of Mylanta gas tablets.
  • After bedtime do not eat or drink anything.
  • In the morning of your exam take 125mg of Mylanta gas tablets with small amount of water.
  • Do not have any breakfast or liquids.
  • It is advised you wear loose fitting clothing for your exam.