3D Digital Mammography

Early Detection Saves Lives.

Be confident with the most advanced mammographic exam in the industry.  In 2012,  Rye Radiology was the first facility in the greater Westchester County area to offer the breakthrough, FDA-approved 3D mammography machine, also known as breast tomosynthesis. 3D digital imaging only takes 10 seconds and finds 40% more invasive breast cancers than traditional 2D mammography alone (with less false positives) using about the same amount of x-ray exposure as a traditional mammogram.*


3D digital mammograms, a groundbreaking technology, take exceptionally sharp, thin section digital images of the breast at three different angles – up and down, left to right and layer-by-layer – providing our doctors with highly detailed information.

The 3 dimensional image set means that one feature, such as cancer, cannot hide behind overlapping tissue and less chance our doctors will need a second look, meaning less x-ray exposure overall.


Rye Radiology is proud that we are among the most advanced breast cancer early detection centers in the United States.

Tomosynthesis is one more tool to make early detection even earlier. Watch our video to learn about how 3D Digital Mammography can help in the detection of breast cancers.